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sgS inspiration

The mission behind s/g skin was inspired by a personal need— the founder was looking for safe, non-toxic, all-natural yet effective products for sensitive skin. While OTC products were filled with unnecessary additives like alcohol and harmful ingredients like parabens and phthalates, the safe and natural products were simply not effective enough. So she began experimenting and mixing on her own. She started off adding witch hazel and organic essential oils like tea tree, rose, bergamot & jasmine oils into her daily routine and soon enough her skin started to transform. Excited by the results, she began educating herself further and studied all different types of essential oils and their heightened benefits in combination with other natural ingredients. After a year of mixing, she finally created her first two formulas (facial water & toner— aka the flagship products) and began testing on her girlfriends. After lots of testing and perfecting and encouragement from her friends and family she decided it was time to share.



Our formulas are suitable for all skin types but designed to target sensitive and stressed skin best. We leave out all the common unnecessary ingredients like artificial fragrances and alcohols that can often cause discomfort to the skin and focus on key ingredients only. For us, less is more. We value the quality of our ingredients over the quantity. Our formulas contain only the best super-foods like aloe, often known as the “wonder plant” for it’s healing properties and witch hazel for its ability to treat all kinds of skin concerns and conditions. With no fillers or unnecessary additives - we focus on what's important. Our brand is designed to elevate your skincare routine and strengthen an overall sense of self. Because for us— it’s all about you.