dermaplane tool is a sleek device with a stainless steel professional-grade blade that safely removes dead skin cells and unwanted peach fuzz from face/neck. it includes a safety cover on each blade for added protection.

  • stainless steel professional-grade blade

  • safety cover

+ brightens, smooths & softens skin for a young-looking complexion.

+ evens skin tone and encourages skin-cell turnover.

+ increases product absorption and efficacy.

how to use:

use directly after shower when skin is soft from heat and moisture. carefully sweep blade over unwanted areas on face/neck.

*be careful. this is a professional, high quality blade which means it’s very sharp. no need to press hard—always be gentle and remember to go slow.


after, apply the masque and leave on for 5 - 20 minutes. gently remove with a warm washcloth and follow with a thick layer of moisturizer. your skin will look radiant and feel ridiculously smooth right away!

*clean blade thoroughly with warm water and cotton pad and dry before storing.

QTY: pack of 2.

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